Real estate

The most challenging aspect of doing your real estate deals, especially early on, is sourcing great opportunities. It’s finding that first deal that you’re willing to stake your entire reputation on and go all-in.

The secret to excellent deal sourcing and how efficient entrepreneurial real estate operators can source deals, the truth is great advisors, source great deals.

At Blue Tagus Advisory we’ve established an enviable reputation and network, we know the market inside and out. We’ve built trust with a network of investors, lenders, and brokers and have a history of successful execution.

At Blue Tagus, we take a value investing approach and believe there are good deals in almost any asset class and submarket, with the right boots on the ground operating partner. Combine that with the correct capitalisation and a flexible hold strategy; great opportunities will present themselves.

Site Sourcing & Land Acquisition

We source all types of development sites, always focussing on driving value, viability and delivery to a complete cross-section of clients.

Working closely with owners, promoters and developers of strategic development land to maximise the value of their assets. Offering strategic advice on developing land or assets to realise the extent and potential for development, providing opportunities for further promotion and investment for the asset’s full potential to be achieved.

Our expertise offers a focus on identifying and maximising the value of every development opportunity. Our fundamental skills and strengths are:

Full market knowledge
Excellent viability/valuation modelling and techniques
Extensive research expertise
Unrivalled energy and commitment
Assistance in both equity and debt funding is of vital importance.
For strategic sites, Blue Tagus is able to identify land with potential, and landowners, and negotiate commercial terms for options, conditional contracts or joint ventures, contact us at

Other Services


We are experts at conducting market research and analysis from an investor's perspective. Our goal is to equip our clients with the data that help them to discover unobvious opportunities and to be one step ahead of the market. Our extensive database of market comparables and access to other reliable data sources empowers us to get our clients' fast answers and back up the quantitative and qualitative assumption.


Our team can devise strategies that enhance shareholder value and empower fiduciary approach of our clients towards their investors. We can support our clients all the way: starting from understanding the market, selecting investment opportunities, underwriting and all the way to successful completion of the acquisition. Blue Tagus Advisory has a large partnership with financial institutions and equity providers. Depending on the investment product, size, associated risks and performance, Blue Tagus Advisory can find right equity or financial partner.


Our transaction management services help to put real estate strategy into action, whether a clients’ focus is on expansion, consolidation, or realignment of an owned or leased portfolio.

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