Blue Tagus Advisory, LDA is a specialised and dedicated real estate advisory service based in Lisbon, Portugal. The company and its business partners have a robust and successful track record in the real estate investment industry, and all together have decades of experience in real estate investment and advisory.

Blue Tagus was founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced individuals, offering bespoke real estate solutions. Maintaining our high standards of excellence, we created our one of a kind boutique real estate service office. Today, we serve various sets of clients and investors consisting of small-medium enterprises, multinational corporations, family-based enterprises, and high-net-worth individuals.

Strategic Advisors

Our Company commits to provide high-quality, comprehensive services to assist clients in achieving sustainable long-term asset appreciation and other financial goals. Our business operation cover clients locally and globally.

Blue Tagus is a leading independent real estate advisor and related transactions in Portugal. Since 2013, Blue Tagus has advised clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring transactions. We provide comprehensive real estate management services and offer a wide range of Investment Advisory services.

Our clients include high net worth individuals, corporate professional investors and institutional investors.  We provide our services in the dynamic and rapid growth environment to serve our clients. We are exploring new market segments with partnership from reputable and high credit rating companies, emphasising an in-depth understanding of clients’ investment needs and commit to building long-term relationships.

Blue Tagus can provide customised service with tailor-made investment strategies and product solutions. Our management team provides dedicated investment solutions and personal investment services, we help clients capture growth and create wealth while minimising risk exposures in fast-changing, dynamic real estate markets.

Our Services


We are experts at conducting market research and analysis from an investor's perspective. Our goal is to equip our clients with the data that help them to discover unobvious opportunities and to be one step ahead of the market. Our extensive database of market comparables and access to other reliable data sources empowers us to get our clients' fast answers and back up the quantitative and qualitative assumption.


We learn and comprehend our clients' strategy and source real estate opportunities that fit their investment profile. Our goal is to save our clients time and efforts in selecting the possibilities, which create a good match with clients underwriting requirements. Advisory


Our team can devise strategies that enhance shareholder value and empower fiduciary approach of our clients towards their investors. We can support our clients all the way: starting from understanding the market, selecting investment opportunities, underwriting and all the way to successful completion of the acquisition. Blue Tagus Advisory has a large partnership with financial institutions and equity providers. Depending on the investment product, size, associated risks and performance, Blue Tagus Advisory can find right equity or financial partner.


Our transaction management services help to put real estate strategy into action, whether a clients’ focus is on expansion, consolidation, or realignment of an owned or leased portfolio.

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