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Formed in 2013, Blue Tagus Advisory provides independent market advisory services that focus on property development, product analysis and evaluations.

In today’s economic environment, an intelligent approach is essential for a real estate project to reach its full investment potential. To allow a real estate project to thrive, having independent market research is necessary as it provides timely analysis that will enable investors to mitigate risks, identify opportunities and establish more precise values.

Blue Tagus Advisory, LDA offers multi-faceted real estate market research and custom advisory and consulting services. This service is vital in helping developers, lenders, and municipalities in making the best decisions for communities and companies.

Our market research service offers in-depth strategic analysis of data – if followed, it can be a tool for success that can guide an investor in deciding what and where to build, to minimise risk and maximise profit. This research can also identify a target market of buyers for the assets to be developed and determine how to best capture buyers. Another critical factor that comes from strategic in-depth analysis of market research is the pricing and positioning of a new construction product as it comes out of the ground.

Blue Tagus believes in the importance of fundamental market research and when done right it can provide invaluable benefits to the project from the onset. With quality market research you will be able to determine better what municipal approvals are needed. Market research is also invaluable when trying to decide if there is a market and how broad that market potential is for the product and prices necessary to make the entire development a success.

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We learn and comprehend our clients' strategy and source real estate opportunities that fit their investment profile. Our goal is to save our clients time and efforts in selecting the possibilities, which create a good match with clients underwriting requirements. Advisory


Our team can devise strategies that enhance shareholder value and empower fiduciary approach of our clients towards their investors. We can support our clients all the way: starting from understanding the market, selecting investment opportunities, underwriting and all the way to successful completion of the acquisition. Blue Tagus Advisory has a large partnership with financial institutions and equity providers. Depending on the investment product, size, associated risks and performance, Blue Tagus Advisory can find right equity or financial partner.


Our transaction management services help to put real estate strategy into action, whether a clients’ focus is on expansion, consolidation, or realignment of an owned or leased portfolio.

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