Investment Advisory Service

Blue Tagus’s advisory service encompasses deal origination, purchase and sale negotiation, underwriting, due diligence and finance functions.

Once an investment opportunity is selected that meets the above conditions, we will underwrite using a thorough approach and perspective refined over many years and several billion dollars of acquisition and disposition experience across all major markets.

Whether buying or selling, effective negotiation requires that an advisor understand the subject asset better than the vendor or purchaser counterpart. Our underwriting program encompasses a macro review of the market in which the asset is located and a micro-study of all critical elements of the asset. We not only study an asset’s physical and environmental condition, but we also focus on historical operating cost and recovery for both operations and capital costs.

We provide clients with a complete written analysis of all of the above factors before due diligence periods elapse, enabling our clients to make informed investment decisions. We never adjust our basic set of financial assumptions to make a deal work. Instead, we apply robust underwriting capabilities, establish base-case modelling assumptions and sensitivity analysis before working towards a acquisition price that meets a client’s risk-adjusted return criteria.

Other Services


We are experts at conducting market research and analysis from an investor's perspective. Our goal is to equip our clients with the data that help them to discover unobvious opportunities and to be one step ahead of the market. Our extensive database of market comparables and access to other reliable data sources empowers us to get our clients' fast answers and back up the quantitative and qualitative assumption.


We learn and comprehend our clients' strategy and source real estate opportunities that fit their investment profile. Our goal is to save our clients time and efforts in selecting the possibilities, which create a good match with clients underwriting requirements. Advisory


Our transaction management services help to put real estate strategy into action, whether a clients’ focus is on expansion, consolidation, or realignment of an owned or leased portfolio.

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