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The Company

Since its establishment in 2013, Blue Tagus has consistently demonstrated its ability to offer efficient and practical investment solutions tailored to the Portuguese market.

Our goal is to provide robust real estate investment options that align with our clients’ profiles, whether anticipating market cycles or remaining agnostic to them. We prioritize integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our investment offerings.


As a trusted fiduciary partner, we leverage our expertise to deliver solutions that aim to safeguard capital, optimize returns, and generate steady income. We are adept at managing risks and navigating location-specific challenges.

Blue Tagus specializes in designing, structuring, and executing unique real estate strategies for a diverse client base, including private equities, funds, financial institutions, family offices, corporates, and high-net-worth individuals.

Our Team

Hugo Miranda

Managing Partner

Hugo Miranda is co-founder and managing partner at Blue Tagus. In addition to managing real estate investments, Hugo is specifically focused on return-boosting strategies based on the application of adequate methodologies designed to derive additional value from planning and legal frameworks. He specialises in alternative sector opportunities and income-generating portfolios.

Before Blue Tagus, Hugo worked as a Board Advisor at a construction company, being responsible for the diversification of the company’s areas of business and the optimisation of the company’s real estate portfolio. Before that, for several years, he was a Managing Director at a wine-producing company, where he was responsible for placing award-winning wine products on the market.

In addition to his professional activities, Hugo is a member of the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Investors and Developers and participates in the industry’s lobbying efforts.

Hugo holds an LL.M. (Honours) from the University of Coimbra and an MBA from INSEAD and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Katja Pazelskaya

Managing Partner

In 2013, following a decade of experience in the real estate financing sector, Katja (Ekaterina) Pazelskaya became a co-founder and managing director at Blue Tagus. Katja is focused on translating investment strategies into tailor-made investment programmes, managing acquisitions, as well as designing products adequate to the economic and market cycle. She is also responsible for the firm’s general management.

Before co-founding Blue Tagus in 2013, Katja had extensive experience in structuring and placement of funding and capital solutions for real estate loans portfolio. Based in Europe, she was an Executive Director at ABN AMRO, overseeing a €120 billion real estate loan book.

In addition to that, Katja has worked on several projects involving restructuring, nationalisation and merger in the banking sector. She has also completed several international funding programmes. She was a member of the Master of Finance supervisory committee and a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

Katja holds a degree in Economics from Holland International Business School and she completed the executive program at INSEAD business school in Singapore and France. She is fluent in English, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Natércia Simões

Business Support Associate

Following many years of experience at multinationals, Natércia Simões strengthened the Blue Tagus team by supporting the company’s business across all projects and domains. She is responsible for all aspects of administration and support of operations associated with investment team activities. She implements the firm’s technological solutions and administrative procedures required to diligently run acquisitions and investment management efforts.

With more than two decades of experience in the Business Support area, Natércia has developed her career in industries as varied as auditing, luxury cosmetics, and technologies.

While working with large corporations, she has successfully embraced responsibilities in diverse business areas, such as HR, Marketing, and Finance.

Natércia holds a Degree in Management Advisory from ISLA and a postgraduate degree in Image, Protocol and Event Organisation. She also completed the European Executive Assistant International Studies at ESA – European Schools for Higher Education in Administration and Management. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and also speaks French and Italian.

Rui Figueiredo

Development Partner

Rui Figueiredo is an accomplished leader in Construction Project Management, Cost Control, and Health and Safety with over two decades of experience. He has joined Blue Tagus as a Development Partner to further enhance the company’s growth in real estate development.

Throughout his career, Rui has successfully overseen a wide range of projects with different levels of complexity, such as the construction of public infrastructure, and residential and mixed-use developments. His extensive responsibilities have included managing project teams, coordinating engineering and technical departments, leading task forces, supervising project execution, managing quality control, overseeing risk assessments, and more. Rui’s appointment as a Development Partner at Blue Tagus underscores his remarkable track record and dedication to upholding the company’s high operational standards.

Rui holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at the University of Coimbra as well as an MBA from the Faculty of Economics at the same institution.

João Calheiros

Project Director

João Calheiros is a distinguished civil engineer renowned for his expertise in project management, technical oversight, and leadership. With a rich background in the construction and engineering industry cultivated through pivotal roles at MC2E, CA2+ – Calheiros & Castro, and Quantal, João brings a wealth of experience to Blue Tagus. As our dedicated Project Director, João ensures meticulous supervision of projects, guaranteeing compliance with approved plans and licensing standards.
A native Portuguese speaker, João possesses advanced proficiency in English and French, enhancing his global communication capabilities. Committed to continuous professional development and armed with a solid educational foundation in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, João is uniquely poised to drive the success of our projects at Blue Tagus with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

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